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Rating agency IBI-Rating and Ukrainian credit rating agency (UCRA) have announced their merger

Monday, 04 April 2016 13:05

Today, on April 4th, 2016, IBI-Rating agency and Ukrainian credit rating agency (UCRA) have announced their merger.

Both companies have the status of certified rating agencies by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine and are involved in credit rating assigning in accordance with the National Rating Scale. The merger will occur on the basis of IBI-Rating agency (certificate of registration in the state register of certified rating agencies No 3 of 12.04.2010), now headed by its director, Mr. Igor Andrusyk.

The main objective of the merger is consolidation of business for providing rating services in conditions of contraction of the financial market of Ukraine accompanied by a significant decrease in the number of banks and bond issuers. During the last 2 years IBI-Rating agency and UCRA held the 2nd and 3rd positions in the market, respectively, by their volume of activities and number of clients. The total customer base of the merging companies will ensure leadership in the market of rating services of Ukraine. Analytical teams of the two rating agencies will be consolidated and their rating methodologies will be unified. Credit ratings previously assigned by UCRA Agency will be verified and validated by IBI-Rating agency.

Director of IBI-Rating agency, Mr. Igor Andrusyk, has noted:- «The merged company's strategy will focus on ensuring leadership, especially in the area of quality and objectivity of the rating research, providing investors with an opportunity to assess risks when making decisions on investing in Ukraine». Director General of the "Ukrainian credit-rating agency", Mr. Stanislav Dubko, has stated: - «In just 4 years UCRA Agency has become one of the strongest and reputable players in the market of rating services and we are now pleased to combine efforts with IBI-Rating agency, whose activities are in line with our vision of high quality standards of the rating analysis».

The merged agency intends to adhere to the international principles and national rules of regulation of rating activities, to ensure transparency of rating procedures and applied methodologies, as well as to ensure a high level of responsibility towards our customers and users of rating assessments.


«Ukrainian credit rating agency» (UCRA) is an independent rating agency that has been providing services on the assessment of creditworthiness of Ukrainian enterprises, financial institutions and municipalities since 2012, and has the status of a certified agency by the NCSSM of Ukraine. The agency also carries out special researches in the field of risk assessment upon request of investors and provides advisory services in the field of risk management.

IBI-Rating agency is a certified rating agency, as well as a participant of the securities market of Ukraine. The Agency is registered by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market in the register of the rating agencies certified to exercise rating assessments. The agency also provides consulting services, conducts rating assessments of corporate governance, reliability of bank deposits, financial strengths of insurance companies, investment attractiveness of projects, regions, cities, carries out rating evaluatios of reliability of construction, as well as conducts analytical researches of industries and sectors of the economy.

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