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Dear Friends!

The anticipation of wonder or the wonder of anticipation – this all is intertwined with some bizarre magical pattern on these pre-holiday days. Regardless of the age, social status, material wealth and place of residence, each of us feels the forthcoming New Year and Christmas in a special way. And even though, in order to afford to have winter holidays or a small family vacation, you should ‘spin round and round’ – submit reports, close deals, finish writing the articles and start writing new ones…And then scamper to shops one hour before their closing to buy presents or run home – to get Christmas tree decorations out of the attic, to garland the fairy lights on the windows… It is still worth it anyway! Because there is something in our bustling and difficult life that makes us kinder and more attentive. Something that does not let us from the naïve children, believing in the magic of Santa Claus, drawing snowflakes on the windows and crafting presents for their parents, turn into pessimists, nihilists and cynics. And it is absolutely not important what the adults say. The important thing is that they dream about and prepare for something good.

The New Year is the story not about the place, but about the time, which you will spend with close friends. And even if it seems that everything is awful on the outside and the world goes to nowhere, the main thing is to keep warmth and balance inside. To gather your family and relatives at home, to visit your parents and friends, to go sledding, to play snowballs or read one or two books, which you did not have time to read during the year… Everyone has his own happiness. And each year, each first day of the month or even each Monday, many of us go forth for it – for something long wished for and uncatchable. So, on this New Year’s eve, bustling or quite, filled with amusements and cleared of the countless matters, right after a chime of bells, I wish you to look around, smile and feel: that is what happiness is!

We congratulate you on the forthcoming holidays, dear readers, guests and people, who every day create our wonderful journal! Thank you that you spent another good year with us! The next one will be better! I wish you the stability and prosperity, financial well-being and opportunity to engage in your favorite business in the next year!  May you have enough time for work, family, household cares, friends and yourself. Let your days be not divided into weekdays and holidays: may you receive the presents for no reason, put on the beautiful dresses even on the most unremarkable day and go to the restaurant, when you want to spend time with pleasure and try something new. And, as befits on the New Year’s Eve, I propose making a list of wishes: what you want to learn, what to get rid of, what to succeed in. Only you do not need to burn or eat the list – you should better keep it and regularly check with it. Because in the real life, the wonder will happen quicker, if you fulfill the wishes step by step:)

Stay with us and see you in the New Year!

Yulia Mostova,

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Виртуальные «фантики», крупная махинация вроде финансовой пирамиды - 43.1%
Чем бы она не являлась, тема требует изучения и законодательного регулирования - 31.9%
Новая эволюционная ступень финансовых отношений - 13.9%
Даже знать не хочу что это. Я – евро-долларовый консерватор - 6.9%
Очень выгодные вложения, я уже приобретаю и буду приобретать биткоины - 2.8%

Стоит ли разрешить в Украине двойное гражданство?

Да, это нормальная мировая практика - 52.5%
Нет, рано нам - 30.5%
Кому нужно, давно пользуются - 13%
Мне все равно - 3.3%