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U.S. Confirms Interference of RF Hackers with Elections

Thursday, 08 February 2018 17:16

During U.S. Presidential Elections, the Russian hackers tried to attack 21 states. As the result, they obtained access to the voters’ lists only in several states. 

Before presidential elections 2016, the Russian hackers obtained access to the voters’ lists in some states, Head of DHS Cybersecurity Jeannette Manfra told during the interview to NBC News, Correspondent.net reports. 

“I cannot discuss the secret information publicly… but we saw how 21 states became the targets, and the access to some of them was successfully hacked”, she noted.

Replying to the clarification question, whether it refers namely to Russian governmental structures, but not just Russian hackers, she noted “Yes, there are no doubts in that”.

Jeff Jonson, who was the press secretary of the Ministry of Homeland Security during Russian attacks, also confirmed that.

“2016 was the signal to the awakening, and now the state should do something in this direction before somebody attacks our democracy again. We could determine that the scanning and probing of voters’ databases was carried out by the Russian government”, he said.

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